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Could Vertical Blinds be what you are looking for?

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Choosing the proper window treatments for wide window expanses or a sliding-glass door involves a multitude of options and often comes down to personal choice! Vertical blinds offer an affordable and functional way to control the light and view at large windows and doors.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds 1At Warrington Blinds Direct ( vertical blinds are available in a very wide array of colour and material options from the contemporary colourway to the more traditional, all of which will create window blinds to impress.

One of the best features of vertical blinds is the price. Verticals are among the most affordable options for sliding patio doors.

Not only can you move the blinds completely out of the way, but you can simply tilt the vanes open and closed to allow as much light or view as you wish. Not every patio door shade or window shade offers that much versatility for the price.

They are a great, affordable option for those large areas of glass in your home or any room in your home.

So what are the main features of Warrington Blinds Direct Vertical Blinds:

  • Simple to clean – Unlike other blinds, Vertical blinds can be easily wiped down or put into the washing machine.
  • Easy to replace – If vertical blinds are damaged for any reason, single blind panels can be easily replaced inexpensively.
  • Better coverage – They are available in varying heights providing large surface coverage and protection from UV rays, with 180 degree louvres which maintain light and privacy.
  • Easy to use – When used to cover a sliding patio door, the blinds can be partially opened to allow access to the door, therefore providing versatility
  • Added height – The height of the blinds can make small windows look larger. Tall windows look more sophisticated as the entire height and width of the window is covered.
  • Variety of Fabrics – Translucent and blackout fabrics to gently filter the sunshine, and Flame retardant fabrics for peace of mind are all available at Warrington Blinds Direct.

So if you think Vertical Blinds might be the window dressing that you are looking for, give Warrington Blinds Direct ( a call on 01925 575582 to discuss your requirements and needs with our expert staff today.

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