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The Enduring Charm of Roman Blinds

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When it comes to blinds, Roman blinds are an enduringly popular choice.  They are also as simple to install as roller blinds which means you can very quickly update a room with these stylish window dressings.  If you are looking for Roman blinds, then Warrington Blinds Direct ( can offer a wide range of styles and designs at affordable prices.

Many styles to choose from

One of the reasons Roman blinds are so popular, is that there are so many different styles available.  It can be a good idea to start your search for your new blinds online as this will give you an idea of the different choices available and how they might compliment your current décor.

Keep Your Home Cool

Roman blinds were designed thousands of years ago to keep living space cool and protected from the sun.  Damp clothes were hung over windows in even the humblest abodes.  These days, Roman blinds offer that same protection to your home but in elegant styles and designs!  They are no longer simple pieces of cloth but important elements in interior design.

This type of blind can make a real style statement whilst also offering a way to ensure privacy and control over light and temperature in the home.  In the past Roman blinds designs were rich and ornate in vibrant golds, purples and oranges.  These days you can choose from subtle fabrics and modern designs to match with existing decoration or create a completely new look.

Ready Made Roman Blinds

Ready made Roman Blinds can be fitted to your specific window space.  There are two basic designs to choose from; cuffed Roman blinds give a curved edge when raised; flat Roman blinds provide clean, simple lines when drawn.

A flat roman blind can be used to great effect when closed.  As it becomes one straight piece of fabric when closed ensuring heavier fabric can be used.  This offers great benefits if you need to insulate a window and reduce draughts.  It is also ideal if you want to use black out materials to reduce the level of light.

When opting for a cuffed style the fabric tends to be lighter providing a soft look which can look very effective in sitting rooms, bedrooms or dining areas.

Since their humble beginnings the style and glamour of Roman blinds has grown from strength to strength.  If you are looking for Roman Blinds, then Warrington Blinds Direct ( can provide you with an excellent range and expert fitting and installation services, so call us today on 01925 575582 for further information.

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