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Reasons to Choose Roman Blinds

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In the Warrington area, you can be sure that Warrington Blinds ( has the best quality selection of blinds and shutters available. However when making the choice between vertical blinds and roman blinds for example, the variety can be overwhelming. Here are our tips for when to use roman blinds to make your decision a straight forward one:

Why would you choose roman blinds?

In comparison to other blinds, roman blinds create a much softer, welcoming ambience than many of the other styles. The beautiful soft folds of the fabric create a warm feel making them a great alternative if you are looking to move away from curtains but still want to create a cosy atmosphere.

They are also much more compact than curtains and will open up a room creating the feeling of space.

Stay snug and warm

You can create extra warmth and cosiness if you choose fabrics that have a thicker fabric. This will ensure the windows have an extra layer of insulation and it will also add greater depth and body to the blind creating a beautiful window dressing. Also if roman blinds are installed above a radiator rather than covering it, you can ensure that all the heat is directed back into the room rather than out through the window.

Team with a roller blind

In the bedroom the roman blind can act as an effective black out blind. At Warrington Blinds Direct we offer a range of blinds with blackout lining which will ensure you get a wonderful night’s sleep! You can team up with a sheer roller blind which can be installed into the window recess to ensure complete privacy is maintained when the roman blind is up in the day.

Express your style with roman blinds

Your roman blinds are a great way to express your creativity without dominating the whole room. When choosing fabric you want to ensure it works with your existing decor unless of course you are completely revamping the look of the room! At Warrington Blinds Direct we have a stunning range of fabrics to compliment any space. If you have quite plain walls then consider roman blinds with a pattern – this can instantly inject style and interest into a drab room.

At Warrington Blinds Direct ( we can provide great roman blinds to the Warrington area. Our friendly team are happy to give advice and tips on the best blinds for you, so call us today on 01925 575582.

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