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Let in the Light with Vision Blinds

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There’s nothing worse than a dark overcast room.  If you are low on natural light in your home it can be difficult to bring in more light but there are a few tricks you can use to brighten a room.  At Warrington Blinds Direct ( we provide a wide range of Vision Blinds which are designed to give you control of natural light entering your home.  As sheer fabrics are used, Vision Blinds don’t dominate the room and allow light to penetrate the fabric.

This modern window covering design is so effective at light control and features opaque and translucent fabric which is layered in strips.  This innovative blind allows the top layer to move independently of the inside layer with the strips of fabric glide between each other to an open and closed position.  The result is optimum light and total privacy control.

These blinds are also elegant additions to the interior design of your home.  In the opaque-opaque position you can benefit from a beautiful block of fabric at the window that offers complete privacy and will limit glare on very bright summer days.

The translucent-opaque position however lets in more natural light and creates a gorgeous striped effect on the fabric.  However, when these blinds are positioned open you’ll benefit from the maximum amount of natural light your home can command.

There are other tricks in addition to Vision Blinds you can use to further enhance the natural light in your home:

Mirrors – position a beautiful mirror opposite or adjacent to the window.  Mirrors on the opposite side of the room will reflect natural light creating an illusion of space and extra light.  Adjacently positioned mirrors will trick the eye into thinking you have extra windows in the wall again creating light and space.

Reflective surfaces – using wallpaper with reflective designs in bedrooms or glass backsplashes in kitchens for example will again provide more light if natural light is limited.

Lighter ceilings – always opt for a lighter colour than your walls on the ceiling.  This doesn’t mean you have to opt for white however; choose a slightly lighter colour in a matte paint and it will reflect the light.

Keep it Clean – Finally, make sure windows, mirrors and reflective surfaces are polished and clean for the maximum effect.

At Warrington Blinds Direct ( we have a stunning range of Vision Blinds to choose from.  Contact us now on 01925 575582 to add these beautiful blinds to your home.

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