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Choosing Roman Blinds

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If you want to reinvent a room then the addition of Roman blinds will instantly add glamour and style. If you are looking for Roman blinds in Grappenhall or the surrounding Warrington area, then look no further. At Warrington Blinds Direct ( we have a fabulous range and can advise you on how best to use them in your living space. Read on for our top tips on choosing the perfect Roman blinds.

Create Style

When choosing Roman blinds think about the functionality of the room. Whether your room is the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, for example will impact the functionality required and therefore will have great influence on the style of Roman blind you choose. In rooms frequented daily you may prefer to opt for simple, practical fabrics whereas in a dining room or bedroom you can afford to be more luxurious in your choice of design and fabric.

Colour Palette

Roman blinds give you the chance to experiment with colour and introduce your own personal style to a room. By introducing bold colours to the blinds, you can enjoy being adventurous without the colours dominating the room. If the walls are more muted in tone and colour, this can be particularly effective.

Flair for Design

If you want to add some interest through design there are a wealth of fabrics available with contemporary designs. You can create your own centrepiece with your choice of Roman blind fabric and inject drama and interest into a bland room.

Lighting and Position

The location of the window will influence your choice of Roman blinds. Think about how much light filters through the window and whether you want to create a brighter space or a more subdued ambience.

Clever choice of fabric will help you to create a certain atmosphere. Rich, thicker fabrics can be used to create a cosy feel to a room for example. If you are adding Roman blinds to a bedroom then you may wish to opt for a black out lining to block out street lighting in winter or sunlight in summer months.

Fitting Your Blinds

Will you opt to fit the blind outside the window recess or within it? If you have a large room, fitting the blinds outside the recess can make the room feel cosier. With larger windows also consider the weight of the fabric. Heavy fabrics may make using the blinds cumbersome.

At Warrington Blinds Direct ( we can advise you on all aspects of Roman blinds and have a quality fitting service. If you are looking for Roman blinds in Grappenhall or the surrounding Warrington area then contact our friendly team today on 01925 575582.

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